Howzat! Gangnam rocks the Premadasa…..


W.Indies celebrate WT20 victory!

If you had told me 5 years ago I would be in Sri Lanka watching the final of a T20 match I’d tell you that you’ve been smoking your socks. Not because I didn’t think it possible but simply that I had NO interest in cricket. But then a turn of cricketing fate slapped me in the face with SA hosting the second IPL on our shores, due to Indian elections happening at the same time. “Pick a team and support them all the way through”, were the words coming from Lalit Modi and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. Oh whatever – so I’ll pick the most Bollywood looking team of the lot and supported Kolkata Knight Riders. Dud move, they were crap. Came last that year, but I fell in love with the game and the rest they say is history. I still support KKR – and finally they have done me proud and along the way I have developed an appreciation for all the formats of the game. And so came the WT20 in Sri Lanka. And my only regret is that it was not sooner. Sri Lanka – you’ve done yourself proud.

Possibly not the most exhilirating final, but then they often aren’t. My nerves were shot watching dot ball after dot ball. However, the W.indies were not going to lie down and die – there was dancing to be done, so with some crafty bowling and a good innings by Samuels they managed to pull it off. The local crowds who were loud and proud in the beginning fell quiet. Until Gayle and co showed them how to party. In true Island style party mode they kicked off the victory celebrations with their Gangnam style moves. I think GayleForce, Gangnam King should offer his services to train up the dancing girls for the next WT20! Some work needed there. Upsetting for the hosts, but the match was won by the best team on the day. To pull through after their disastrous start says a lot about the overall morale and ability of the team. Most would have written them off after the 1st 6overs, but they fought back ball by steady ball. Well done to both teams.

So that’s the end of our WT20 journey for 2012, satisfied that we have witnessed the hottest teams, players and gangnam moves in cricket, but the beginning of the rest of our travels through this beaut country. While the cricketing world is debating the many possibilities, choices, shots, dance moves and what-ifs of the game, we’ll be striking out in a direction yet to be determined. East I think. Watch this space for a pictorial wrap up of our cricketing experience and for our future quest to find the hottest chillies, coldest beer and best rum cocktails, (while we keep one eye on the CLT20 happening in SA!) Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo – Go KKR!

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