Jaffna October 2012

at 2380 × 1288 in Jaffna Resurgence.

Moris Minor

Sri Lanka’s northern most city, Jaffna is a predominantly Tamil area and war raged around this Peninsula for 3 decades between Tamil group LTTE and the Sinhalese Sri Lanka government. Thousands of lives were lost, homes and temples destroyed while many fled the country seeking refuge abroad in Canada, Australia and Europe. After Pres Rajapakse finally defeated the Tamils in 2009, it’s been a slow road back to reconstruction with Tamils claiming that very little has come from the government in terms of Tsunami and post war aid. A tenuous peace exists at the moment, with a strong show of military in the Jaffna area. Some claiming that military have taken over Tamil premises and property to erect military barricades and bases.

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