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Negombo Fish Market, Sri Lanka



Its unlike ChillieandRum to visit a place twice in a space of almost less than a year. Simply because I feel there are still so many places to get to on this fast changing planet of ours that unfortunately we often tend to whizz though and past places hastily trying to see as much of it as possible in order to get a feel and flavour of a place. But sometimes something about a country or place just gets under your skin and it’s a bit like a scratchy, drying on your ass, wetsuit itch that won’t leave you, until you either get out of your suit or get back in the water. In a good way of course. So when a mate, questioned our momentary lapse of reasoning, thinking the rum had finally soaked through, I knew there was only one way of dealing with this itch – go back. Besides, sometimes its ok to just go back and chill at a place to soak up the vibe, meet the real people and let it get under your skin. Also people tend to treat you differently when they realize you are a little less transient than most.

But yet, landing in Sri Lanka I still had doubts about our choices buzzing through my mind – Should we be landing somewhere different? Will I be bored? Am I going to enjoy it as much as last time? Ah well. What to do?

But all the doubts were shunted out the back door when arriving near midnight on an already late and delayed flight from Bangkok wondering if the airport shuttle we requested weeks ago would be forgotten, only to be met with the broadest smile, on a friendly face with the words “Ayubowan, welcome to Sri Lanka. No worries you are late, we waited.” It felt like home. But warmer.  Read the rest of this entry

It’s been a while…..

Doing what we do best....

Doing what we do best….

ChillieandRum have been quiet of late. Not because we have tired of travel, planted a veg garden and stopped watching cricket, or that we have not not been up to any mischief, quite the opposite really, but somehow stuff got in the way of blogging and any semblance of sharing anything from mindless ramblings and dodgy cocktail recipes to anything remotely enlightening, went out the window. That of course along with my natural inclination to avoid all things computer related does not bode well for a would be blogster who has a bit of a love hate relationship with social media. I loathe the fact that people are more transfixed with 30 second interval updates of their social status, detailing their mundane dietary intake, totally oblivious to the fact that a tribe of lesser spotted twin headed yetis may have just strolled past. Not to mention the fact that it elicites a response from a 100 “friends”. I dont even know that many people. Why would they care what your *@£$*^! banana pancake looks like in Thailand? But thats just me. Clearly a billion people cant be wrong. Well actually I think they can. But then again….. Read the rest of this entry