It’s been a while…..


Doing what we do best....

Doing what we do best….

ChillieandRum have been quiet of late. Not because we have tired of travel, planted a veg garden and stopped watching cricket, or that we have not not been up to any mischief, quite the opposite really, but somehow stuff got in the way of blogging and any semblance of sharing anything from mindless ramblings and dodgy cocktail recipes to anything remotely enlightening, went out the window. That of course along with my natural inclination to avoid all things computer related does not bode well for a would be blogster who has a bit of a love hate relationship with social media. I loathe the fact that people are more transfixed with 30 second interval updates of their social status, detailing their mundane dietary intake, totally oblivious to the fact that a tribe of lesser spotted twin headed yetis may have just strolled past. Not to mention the fact that it elicites a response from a 100 “friends”. I dont even know that many people. Why would they care what your *@£$*^! banana pancake looks like in Thailand? But thats just me. Clearly a billion people cant be wrong. Well actually I think they can. But then again…..

 ChillieandRum was born (over a rum cocktail of course), almost a year ago when we decided to visit Sri Lanka and watch the WCT20. Even then there was conflict in my brain about traveling and getting away from it all while at the same time having to share it with “the world” of 20 something followers. But at best it would get my mates of my back about “we never see your photos” !  It was a trial exercise in setting up our first blog and there was much excitement and action to share, while we traveled around the beautiful Pearl Island of the Indian Ocean, watching our favourite sport and sampling the best Coconut Arrack cocktails. In fact, so busy were we that only a smattering of experiences made it to the “published” pages…. Many of the pics are filed with a serious intent of doing something “meaningful” with them at some stage. Hopefully before senility settles in and I totally forget where they were taken. But after that exciting 2 month spell and a sample taste of how hard it actually is to Blog in an informative way, without regaling boring “my holiday” stories and pics, back in SA life settled into its usual routine and the blog stagnated. ChillieandRum however did not and we worked away at what we do to save some moola and plan the next trip. All the while forgetting that everywhere around us there are things of interest worth putting up for others to see.  

 So before we could wipe the salty air from our rum soaked eyes we were off again, armed with camera and computer, (which I may add take up more space than my entire clothing allocation), yet again with much intent and promise to “Blog”. Sadly yet again the option to explore, taste and move have selfishly outweighed the desire to share the experience with the few die hard mates and anyone else who may have stumbled across this site expecting something more ….. Apologies all round. It’s been a few weeks since we set off for Thailand, Laos and Sri Lanka. We have been on planes, trains, bicycles, tuk-tuks, motorbikes, boats and buses and worn out several pairs of slip slops, aka, flip flops or “plakkies” in Saffer speak. We have crossed many borders, rivers and mountains, seen good, bad and ugly, eaten same as well. Tasted home grown brew that would make a blind man see, and on occassion I suspect fueled our bikes with Arrack and had the Petrol as shooters. All the while thinking “I should write this down…”, but the phone and computer remained “Off”. As did the typing finger. Until one day a mate sent a message – “So where are you guys and where’s the blog…… ?” OOOpppppps . Like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar – Thinking no-one will notice and if we just quietly disappear into the jungle where there’s no power and people still send telegrams, no-one will miss us. So Dave – Thanks for kicking my ass and my excuses are many. But I have been inspired yet again and even if just one person finds this amusing at best I will endeavour to reignite ChillieandRum to all its firey glory. And then at least my mom will also have a rough estimate within a few thousand kilometers of where last I was spotted before we eventually went off the radar completely. So – in no particular order of interest, importance or calendar date, or any other relevance,  here we go again…… In no particular order of interest, importance or any other relevance…….. Watch this space…..

Negombo Fish Market

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