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Bags Packed and Going Home…..


NOT US!!! Zimbabwe, the first team to be leaving Sri Lanka, – Unceremoniously trounced and beaten into submission.

Zim – their faces say it all

Nothing inspiring about SA vs Zim comes to mind. Its a bit like trying to passionately describe a smooth, flat, white wall. It’s white. Thats it. It’s not fiery, it’s not exciting it’s just white. Plain. Simple. Boring. Dull. Like last nights cricket. The local guys were all perplexed that we were going to M.Rajapakse Stadium on Thursday eve. “But there’s no match on?” was the standard response. And how right they were. The streets leading up to the stadium were empty, except for the customary massive police and military presence. You could easily start doubting yourself that there was anything going on other than a training session. Turns out it was. Read the rest of this entry

Match Day Massacre


After our last bungle of bus and train travel, we wisely decided to get tuk tuk all the way to the stadium rather than risk missing the entire event which could happen as we are easily lead astray, often unintentionally.

Mahinda Rajapakse Stadium

The Mahinda Rajapakse Stadium in Sooriyawewa, about 20 kms outside of Hambantota, 80kms from Tangalle, which is about a 90 minute tuk tuk ride. Pleasant enough on the way there, passing paddy fields with peacocks, banana, coconut papaya plantations along the way. Coming back at midnight was like playing dodge-ems with a blindfold, while flying missiles hoot their way past you at high speed. Atari Asteroids comes to mind – if you’re old enough to remember……..

View of the action

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Let the GAMES begin…..


NO – Not the Olympics – even we know that’s done, dusted, finnito.
BUT the T20 World Cup. Words that Cricket purists would never dare breathe, let alone think of following this event. Sorry for them as this is one of the fastest, most action packed events on the sporting calendar.

Sri Lanka, where the world’s biggest hitters face off against the fastest bowlers and wildest spinners in an adrenalin packed 40 overs. If reading the newspaper or walking the dog in between overs is how you watch cricket, then this is NOT FOR YOU. However, if like us you love fast paced action, think Sri Lankan Malinga bowling deadly 150km/h yorkers or the ever smiling West Indian giant Chris Gayle smashing it out of the park for yet another big 6, or Aussie Dave Warner flying through the air catching the impossible, then this IS FOR YOU! Not for sissies. Or conservative purists.

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