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Howzat! Gangnam rocks the Premadasa…..


W.Indies celebrate WT20 victory!

If you had told me 5 years ago I would be in Sri Lanka watching the final of a T20 match I’d tell you that you’ve been smoking your socks. Not because I didn’t think it possible but simply that I had NO interest in cricket. But then a turn of cricketing fate slapped me in the face with SA hosting the second IPL on our shores, due to Indian elections happening at the same time. “Pick a team and support them all the way through”, were the words coming from Lalit Modi and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. Oh whatever – so I’ll pick the most Bollywood looking team of the lot and supported Kolkata Knight Riders. Dud move, they were crap. Came last that year, but I fell in love with the game and the rest they say is history. I still support KKR – and finally they have done me proud and along the way I have developed an appreciation for all the formats of the game. And so came the WT20 in Sri Lanka. And my only regret is that it was not sooner. Sri Lanka – you’ve done yourself proud. Read the rest of this entry

Proteas go home and KP gets “re-integrated”……..


Proudly SA and doing our bit to support local industry.

We’re Proudly SA – for many reasons , but currently thanks to the SA women’s Cricket team! They say women should rule the world. I think we already do. New Malawi President Joyce Banda recently reduced her salary, fired some incompetent, probably overfed, over paid cabinet ministers who experienced first hand the effects of “Desk Derriere” and she sold the presidential jet. Wow. Taking notes Zuma ? Probably not. Read the rest of this entry

Sport, Money, Sex Appeal and Desk Derriere……


Recently women in sport have come out against being paid less than their testosterone fuelled counterparts.

At the WT20 event in Sri Lanka it has emerged that apparently the winning team in the men’s tournament will share £616,000 compared to £40,000 for their fairer counterparts. In addition, male cricketers receive £61 a day as a living allowance, while the women get only £37.
Maybe they think women eat less? I could prove them wrong on that one, although trying to eat £37 worth of food in Sri Lanka would be a challenge. Even Chris Gayle may struggle. Read the rest of this entry

Anyone have a contact with the Rain gods?

Anyone have a contact with the Rain gods?

It’s been a busy few days of travel, doing quality control on Lions and the cricket, which has been so heavily interrupted with rain that it’s been essential to keep the guys company at the Lion stand. I mean the only other options are Pepsi and KFC. I’d rather eat cow dung. Read the rest of this entry

The day has dawned…..and it’s a rainy one!


A epic battle lies ahead as Sri Lanka and SA will face each other for the first time in a T20 match.
It’s going to be a nail biting event and there can be no clear winner predicted ahead of today’s clash, although the home team must carry some advantage. Both have had easy games thus far and today will be a true test of their abilities. Read the rest of this entry

Bags Packed and Going Home…..


NOT US!!! Zimbabwe, the first team to be leaving Sri Lanka, – Unceremoniously trounced and beaten into submission.

Zim – their faces say it all

Nothing inspiring about SA vs Zim comes to mind. Its a bit like trying to passionately describe a smooth, flat, white wall. It’s white. Thats it. It’s not fiery, it’s not exciting it’s just white. Plain. Simple. Boring. Dull. Like last nights cricket. The local guys were all perplexed that we were going to M.Rajapakse Stadium on Thursday eve. “But there’s no match on?” was the standard response. And how right they were. The streets leading up to the stadium were empty, except for the customary massive police and military presence. You could easily start doubting yourself that there was anything going on other than a training session. Turns out it was. Read the rest of this entry

Standing by, Rolling cameras and ACTION!


AYOBA!  It is here. The day has arrived. Day one of World Cup T20 Cricket action. Big sixes, fast bowling and mind boggling spinners. The players are ready, the fans are excited, the stadiums lie waiting, the food is being prepared and truck loads of Lion lager  being chilled as we write.

Mahinda Rajapakse Stadium outside of Hambantota has a capacity of crowd of 35000 people. We’ll be in the middle of all the cricketing fever and madness. Read the rest of this entry